Register a Particulate Matter Sensor on the openSenseMap

You can send the data of your particulate matter sensor to the openSenseMap if you follow these steps.

1. Look up your sensor configuration and register a new senseBox

  • Using the web interface of your device, you can find out which sensors are attached (Fig. 1).
  • Go to, fill out your name, location and exposure.
  • In the section Hardware select Now select the correct sensor configuration matching your local sensor configuration (Fig. 2).
  • Finish the registration.
  • Attention: Copy your senseBox ID. This is a 24 character long string looking like this: 58a88c6b650831d8a3625e01
  • If you registered with a correct mail address, the senseBox ID will also be sent via mail.

2. Configure your device

  • Go to the web interface of your device
  • Open the configuration page
  • Paste your senseBox ID in the field next to Send to openSenseMap and check the box.
  • Save the configuration with the button on the bottom of the page.


Your device should now send its data to the openSenseMap!

Figure 1: Webinterface particulate matter sensor

Figure 2: Registration on openSenseMap

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