openSenseMap Widget

To display the data of a senseBox not only on, but for example also on your own website, you may use our widget.



To include the widget, you just need to add an iframe to your page.

Step 1: Find your senseBox ID

Go to and open a senseBox of your choice. Now copy the last portion of the address bar of your browser. This is your senseBox ID.

Step 2: Insert HTML into your page

In order to include the widget into your web page, just include the following html into your page at the desired location.

Replace the YOUR-SENSEBOX-ID in the src attribute with the senseBox ID from step 1.

  marginwidth="8" marginheight="8"
  hspace="0" vspace="0"

You can play around with the height and width attributes.

You can find the source code of this widget on GitHub.

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