Modifying a station

All properties of a station may be changed after the registration.

To do this, authorization with the API-key is required, which was sent to you in the registration e-mail!

  1. Select your station on the map by clicking on the marker on the map.

  2. Select the tab "Info" in the sidebar and click "Manage".

  3. Enter your API-key in the dialog.

  4. Make your desired changes in the appearing form. You may edit metadata, geolocation, photo, as well as the stations sensor configuration.

    Hint: If you have added a new sensor and want to download the updated arduino-sketch, a page-reload after saving is required.

  5. Click "save" or "cancel" in the top of the dialog to apply or discard your changes.

Deleting a station

Follow the steps under "Modifying a station", then type DELETE in the textfield "Delete senseBox" and confirm.

warning: All associated sensor data will be permanently deleted!

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